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It wasn't very discreet; three huge bulbous globes, two radomes perched atop buildings three-stories high and another sitting a further six-stories higher, creating a giant condom-shaped tower.

Due to its unique fucked-up history – a starring role in two World Wars and its subsequent division between the world's superpowers – Berlin found itself at the center of the so-called Cold War.

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American mobile listening units, eavesdropping on Soviet and East German communications in the late 1950s, discovered they got better reception and coverage from the top of Berlin’s highest (albeit modest) mountain. The first mobile units took up position atop the hill in July 1961, with more permanent facilities following in 1963 before Field Station Berlin Teufelsberg gradually grew over the following years to become one of the West's largest spying stations ever – arguably the most important.

Presumably this means the British GCHQ did whatever the NSA told it to.

Apparently British officers had their own toilets, while the Americans had to make do with just the two types – men’s and women’s.

“This was no radar hill,” former policeman Reinhard von Bronewski told Abandoned Berlin.

Von Bronewski worked with the Berlin Brigade and had been told same by many former Teufelsberg military police, troops and high-ranking officials.

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